Best Graphic Design Job Sites in 2022

Finding a graphic design job in 2022 has its challenges. It has become easier to find graphic design jobs thanks to the increase in remote positions posted this past year, however the competition has increased and every job has seemingly twice the applicants compared to that of previous years for the same reason.

Graphic Design Jobs in 2022

A few things are for sure, remote work is on the rise, and graphic design jobs are easier to find than ever, but where do you begin to look? We’ve compiled a list of the best sites to find graphic design jobs in 2022.

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1. Jooble

– Jooble has a highly curated graphic design job list that’s consistently updated. The Alert feature is great, user interface is very easy to navigate, and diversty of listings is great.

2. Google Jobs (Large Variety of Graphic Design Jobs)

– Google is a great place to find the latest design related employment opportunities. This is probably the most frequented job board on the web as it is highly accessible. Just understand that jobs posted or linked here will likely have more applicants than other sites with less traffic and clout, as its low hanging fruit for the job seeker.

3. Indeed

– Arguably the most popular job posting network on the web, Indeed is a great resource to start your job search. They have practically every job opening available listed on the site, and it is very easy to use, post your resume and keep up to date with email alerts.

4. SimplyHired

– While not as exhaustive as Indeed, SimplyHired is another site you must check on a frequent basis for graphic design jobs and is close in consistency and amount of postings as Indeed and google jobs.

5. ZipRecruiter

– This site is loaded with the latest postings. With salary ranges posted, and job details easy to read without having to click through, ZipRecruiter does a great job displaying the latest graphic design jobs and giving you an easy way to apply.

6. GlassDoor

– GlassDoor has a great user interface that allows you to quickly scan for graphic design jobs, lets you see which employer is actively hiring, which jobs are new and also their quality rankings for company characteristics and benefits.

7. LinkedIn

– LinkedIn is a very personalized way to go shopping for graphic design jobs. Not only do you get access to advanced reporting features and insights with your LinkedIn profile, but you also have a way to directly connect with employers or representatives from the companies you’ve applied to work at.

8. Dribbble (Graphic Design Jobs Exclusively)

– Dribble is a very industry specific site to hunt for graphic design jobs. You can even find freelance work here. If you already have a profile on Dribbble its a great way for potential employers to see your work and narrow your search to employers that you fit in with best.

9. FlexJobs

– Flexjobs is dedicated to remote job postings. This is great if your looking to make money online from home, instead of having to commute to an office everyday. Flexjobs makes it easy to apply to jobs with its resume upload features and also sends great alerts that are customizable in your dashboard. It is a subscription based site, and the fees are low. Definitely worth paying for and including in your search.

10. Behance (Portfolio Based – Graphic Design Jobs)

– Like Dribbble, Behance is a great portfolio/profile based site that allows you to apply for graphic design jobs directly and gives employers an inside look to your work history, experience and expertise without leaving the site. Behance is a great industry-specific resource for remote work.

11. WeWorkRemotely

– WeWorkRemotely is the “largest remote work community in the world,” and typically has job postings that the above mentioned sites don’t have. It’s definitely worth checking out and using as another source of graphic design job leads.


– is a site completely dedicated to remote working with resources for both businesses and job seekers. The variety of remote jobs on this site is immense, and you’ll find remote work here without a doubt, time and time again.

13. Uncubed

– Uncubed is the #1 advocate for tech job seekers. They are an unbelievable resource for graphic designers and employers alike, and have the biggest tech companies with the most coveted jobs posted on a consistent basis. If you’re looking for a place to find the highest paid graphic design jobs, Uncubed is a good place to start.

14. Angel.Co

– Angel.Co is the “#1 Startup hiring Platform,” and is built for adventurous, independent entrepreneurs and freelancers alike looking to be part of the startup culture. You’ll be able to find everything from remote positions, to founders seeking partners, and creative director positions.

15. Jobspresso

– Jobspresso is the “easiest way to find high-quality remote jobs in tech, marketing, customer support and more. 100% of the jobs are hand-picked, manually reviewed, and expertly curated.” Bottom line, if you’re looking for graphic design jobs, I would start here. Jobspresso has been featured in too many publications to mention and is trusted by the world’s largest remote companies.

While this list isn’t the largest list of jobs sites on the web, it is the most specifically target group of sites geared towards graphic designers and remote workers looking full-time or freelance/contract opportunities. If you have any other suggestions for other jobs sites, please comment below.

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